Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Yes, you can grow apples in Texas! They may be a little puny, but they will still make a tart! As the weather has cooled down a bit, we are winding down with summer projects and gearing up for the Fall. Out with all of the old crop beds, with preparations being made for the new. The market is in full swing, with not so much produce, but lots of dairy items. Yogurt, kefir, buttermilk, and goat cheese, have made a comeback. A word to the wise, as our supply has increased, for some reason, so has the demand, so it would be a good idea to call ahead and reserve what you need before making the trek to the farm. We have turned Poppy and Sadie dry to get ready for calving in a couple of months, but Clementine, Molly, Praline, and Zoey are doing their best to supply our cow milk needs. The dairy does are keeping the goat milk drinkers satisfied.  The oven will start heating up again, so there will be baked goodies in the market, also. I am having a hard time keeping the shelves stocked with home canned goods, which is a good thing, mind you, but it just means that I am going to have to get crackin' and get the fruits and veggies put in the freezer this summer into jars of jams, jellies, salsas, pickles, etc. MARKET HOURS: Friday and Saturday from noon until 4:00 PM. Special appointments can be made throughout the week for dairy pickup. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!