Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Whoever said that " all good things must come to and end" did not know very many farmers! Just when it seems that life is taking a detour and the trek is slower due to potholes and dead ends, a superhighway opens and a new destination is charted. With the Farmer retiring from the fire station and acquiring a fishing boat, his leisurely days are pretty well a given. With the promise that he will contribute the absolute necessities concerning his farming skills, if and when needed, he has been given carte blanche to occasional absences from the farm. Thank goodness his favorite fishing lake is only ten minutes from the back door. Meanwhile back at the farm, the farmers wife has a new helper. Maggie has arrived! Equipped with her overalls and boots, she has breathed new life into the every day list of chores and responsibilities necessary to keep the ever-turning wheels of a farm rolling along. She came from a goat dairy background so she was prepared to jump in with both feet planted firmly on the ground.  Her enthusiasm to learn of all of the elements that make up  R and C Dairy has proved to be a delight. Her excitement for small experiences and discoveries has given us a new perspective on what a treasure we have in the ownership of our farm. Even though we are consolidating the gardening and crops to a smaller area, will still plan to produce sufficient produce to do the CSA this year as well as a variety of items in the market. We will still provide honey, beef, soaps and sundries, baked goods, preserves, and of course a broad assortment of our freeze dried foods. And seasonal produce from our fields and orchard.  Our opening date will be Easter Weekend, Friday March 25. Our hours will be the same Noon until 4:00 PM. We should have the beginnings of our goat milk supply. The first couple of weeks most likely will be limited, but as the does continue to freshen, the supply will increase. Many have inquired about the u-pick strawberries. Depending upon the crop, we will determine if there will be enough for u-pick. We planted a much lesser amount this past fall, as we were unsure of our help situation.  We may only have enough to sell in the market. We will post that information on this blog, and on our facebook page.  We are excited to be back, will keep all updated on the farm happenings. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!