Thursday, October 31, 2013


They look so innocent, so tempting, what harm could a small bite do? You love Jalapenos, you say, have even been brave enough to venture into habanero territory, so how much hotter could a pepper be? Well, let me tell you this. Unless you want your ears blowing smoke, your eyes and nose running a constant stream , your mouth paralyzed, you may want to pass on the Ghost Chili Peppers, or Bhuta  Jolakia . Bhuta, meaning ghost, describing the way the heat of the pepper sneaks up on you.  The Farmers Son obtained the seeds. After doing a little research on chili peppers, it was discovered that the Ghost Pepper is one of the highest rated for heat on the Scoville chart, coming in at a mere 855,000 points. A habanero is around 300,000 points. That is Hot! The Farmer has an associate at the Fire Station that has requested for the last several months some HOT, HOT , HOT, goat cheese. The Jalapenos, and Anaheims were just not doing the trick. The first of the Ghost Peppers were harvested. One pepper was chopped and mixed with the fresh goat cheese. Being careful not to touch any other body parts with pepper hands, even though gloves had been used, the cheese was sampled. Sampled was the word, a tiny tidbit on the end of a spoon...... just barely enough to taste. It was a mad dash, first for some ice, then a bucket of ice cream. Next a glass of cold milk, then back to the ice. Kissing the inside of the chest freezer, where the sides were covered in frost was not such a far fetched idea. Who in the world could eat these? I knew the headlines in the news would be about a local fireman that met his Maker under mysterious circumstances as he seemed to have self combusted while eating some goat cheese on a tortilla chip! The Farmer assured me that nothing would be too hot for his compadre, just plop it in a tub, snap on the lid, and he would make sure it got delivered. A waiver was going to be included that would release me from any liability if this takes a turn south and they wake up at the fire station and find nothing but ashes in his bed. Should anyone want to be daring, I have a couple of tubs of the Inferno goat cheese. The Farmers, fireman partner is now on his third batch. That is one tough dude! Have a safe and happy Halloween, and beware of ghosts hiding in cheese! From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


The weather has cooled, the rains are here, the oven is in reboot. Fall on the farm is the best time of the year. Summer fields are put to bed, the greenhouses are closed up, in preparation for the coming frost. The hay fields are given a final trim, and bedtime is EARLY. Time in the kitchen is leisurely and productive. Breads and rolls are appearing in the market on the weekends, even a few caramel apples have been available. The Farmer and Son are getting a hot, home cooked meal now and again, grateful for the reprieve from the Truck Stop CafĂ©, and hot dogs. Time to start the lists for the Holiday Fare. The gift baskets will be available again this year, filled with home made jams, jellies, cookies and candies, breads and cakes and whatever else finds it's way into them. Requests have been made for certain items that have been enjoyed in past holiday seasons. BIG HINT: It is a standing joke in our house when home made treats are offered or one is sitting down for meals. If you are eating something you really like, enjoy every bite, you will never see it again, as the cook is notorious for pulling ideas for a new desert or a "delectable" dish out of thin air,( and whatever leftovers are in the fridge or goods pilfered from the pantry) and presenting them as an old idea passed down from bygone days when microwave ovens and George Foreman grills did not exist. ( Therefore, an explanation for the glassy stare given when someone asks for a recipe for a particular item.) On the flip side, if a dish is unpalatable, and believe you me, there have been a few of those, there is a sense of relief, knowing it will never pass your lips again. Sooooooo, in a nutshell, there may be something from previous holiday selections and then again, there may not! Since the pumpkin harvest was null and void, we are anticipating a strawberry festival as the strawberries are doing superb. The Farmer and Son planted one of the hoop houses full, anticipating berries in January. Another stab at trying to fool nature! Shall be waiting with bated breath! In all of our farm escapades, there is one concept we have taken to heart. If the Lord sees fit to bless you with harvests, you will have harvests. If lessons in patience, perseverance, humility or whatever else are needed, it won't happen at that precise time. God willing we may have strawberry shortcake for New Years eve! The milk production is keeping steady. To alleve any anxiety, we will have goat milk throughout the winter. Two beef went to the processor last week, so those addicted to the extra lean hamburger, will have some soon. The canner is cranked up every day, as the freezers need to be emptied of the summer harvest, to make room for hundreds of pounds of meat. Lots of honey this year, as well as plenty of goat milk soap and goat soap laundry detergent.... just a little of this and a little of that! MARKET HOURS: Friday and Saturday from noon until 4:00 PM. Special appointments can be made throughout the week for dairy pickup. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!

Monday, October 21, 2013


It all started with chigger bites, acquired from a trip to the corn patch, with clog covered feet. Normally, with skin like lizard hide, after years of abuse from work and fun in the sun, chiggers normally won't make the extra effort it takes to burrow down past the tough outer layers of an epidermis. Apparently these were relentless. Within hours, ankles and lower legs were covered with red, itchy speckles. Not ones to have many ailments or accidents, or run ins with bothersome critters, the medicine cabinet at the farm is pretty sparse and basic. As the itching sensation took hold,  the scratching and digging began, trying  to eradicate all traces of the chiggers. Supposing that these little pests had been around since the dawn of time, realization hit, that there had to be something the old timers did that was natural and effective to combat these little buggers. Now with the production of cold processed, homemade soap, made from the goat milk produced on the farm, a stash of herbs and essential oils is readily available, ..... often used to enhance the feel and smell of the soap. Digging through all of the natural remedy books,  collected over the years, some research was done. A new obsession!!! Not only relief from itchy bug bites, the soothing cool of a sunburn,  unclogging of the sinuses, enhanced hearing by clearing dust filled ears, assuaging sore, tired muscles,  and all with combinations of natural herbs and essential oils. This is what mankind did for ailments until the development of synthetic medicines in the early 1800's. Folks could not afford the expensive, artificial drugs and sundries developed in laboratories, so they used what was on hand, gathered from trees, flowers,  mountains and fields. Not so secret, secrets passed down through generations. There is help for just about whatever ails ya! Lucky you, I am going to share some of my concoctions, and others recipes, tried and true, blended from essential oils and herbs for your benefit and enjoyment. A small selection of these simple, some ancient, remedies will be available in the market. If you want to soothe some aching muscles, take away a headache, clear a zit , calm a queasy stomach, cure athletes foot, or just smell really good, try a small dropper of one of my age old potions. Along with the goat milk soap, there will be bath fizzies, liquid soaps, massage oils, bath oils, diffuser oils. Ever heard of Thieves Oil? Legend has it........... just come to the market and ask, the story will be shared. Just to make it clear, I am not a licensed physician, healer, herbalist, naturopath, alchemist, soothsayer, witch doctor, or shaman. Just a Farm Gal, wanting to share some of the wondrous, natural, bounties the earth provides to better our lives.  From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


It is bound to happen, with all of the modern technology and Jetson's gadgets, our website and e-mail have caught a bug.....again.  Someone also hacked into my personal e-mail, and sent from my address promotional spam for  products advertising, cures for hair loss, weight loss, impotence, bad breath, low self esteem, and oh not to diminish the importance of curing ones self of nail fungus. So all of those who are on my mailing list, do not take it personally if you received a message from my website address to enhance your personal grooming.  I DID NOT SEND IT !!! For those that know me well, they know I would be very direct, but kindly discreet and tell you to your face!!! I will post it on the blog and facebook if and when the situation has been corrected. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!! PM  UPDATE: It has been fixed!!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013


We are hoping that our Canadian transplants will thrive in our Texas climate, taking root, flourishing, and producing big, ripe, juicy strawberries. The Farmer and Son have been busy preparing the beds, as the tender plant stock will need a little coaxing to settle into their new home. In Texas, the berry plants need to be planted in the fall, so that the plants have sufficient time to become established before they set blooms and produce fruit. Although a far cry from Canada, the cooler temperatures in the winter help them feel just like home! It's October, feels like July, and preparations are being made for the onset of the next season. After planting pumpkins three times, and watching the voracious grasshoppers destroy the seedlings, we decided to pass on the pumpkin patch this year. BOO HOO! We may be opting for a Strawberry Festival in the Spring. We will have some assorted pumpkins in the market, as we found a couple of farms in our local farm network, that had some success, and would like to trade for some fall tomatoes. Speaking of which, are starting to set fruit. Should have some in the market at the end of the month. If anyone needs a kitten, one that is a nightstalker, mouse killer, grasshopper pouncer, afternoon napper, we have a few. Bitty Kit has done a bang up job teaching her young'uns the ropes. We have happened upon her brood prowling the barns and fields at night, looking for any unsuspecting victims....... not saying that it isn't a little creepy,  but I am forever grateful for their efforts. Heaven help the field mice....... whose population is ever dwindling. No scratching noises between the walls will be heard THIS winter. The dairy animals are rewarding us with lots of good milk, as the days are cooling, somewhat. We will have winter milk, yes, goat milk will be available.  The chickens are laying a few more eggs, and a few more baked goods are appearing in the market. MARKET HOURS: Friday and Saturday from noon until 4:00 PM. Special appointments can be made throughout the week for dairy pickup. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!