Tuesday, October 29, 2013


The weather has cooled, the rains are here, the oven is in reboot. Fall on the farm is the best time of the year. Summer fields are put to bed, the greenhouses are closed up, in preparation for the coming frost. The hay fields are given a final trim, and bedtime is EARLY. Time in the kitchen is leisurely and productive. Breads and rolls are appearing in the market on the weekends, even a few caramel apples have been available. The Farmer and Son are getting a hot, home cooked meal now and again, grateful for the reprieve from the Truck Stop CafĂ©, and hot dogs. Time to start the lists for the Holiday Fare. The gift baskets will be available again this year, filled with home made jams, jellies, cookies and candies, breads and cakes and whatever else finds it's way into them. Requests have been made for certain items that have been enjoyed in past holiday seasons. BIG HINT: It is a standing joke in our house when home made treats are offered or one is sitting down for meals. If you are eating something you really like, enjoy every bite, you will never see it again, as the cook is notorious for pulling ideas for a new desert or a "delectable" dish out of thin air,( and whatever leftovers are in the fridge or goods pilfered from the pantry) and presenting them as an old idea passed down from bygone days when microwave ovens and George Foreman grills did not exist. ( Therefore, an explanation for the glassy stare given when someone asks for a recipe for a particular item.) On the flip side, if a dish is unpalatable, and believe you me, there have been a few of those, there is a sense of relief, knowing it will never pass your lips again. Sooooooo, in a nutshell, there may be something from previous holiday selections and then again, there may not! Since the pumpkin harvest was null and void, we are anticipating a strawberry festival as the strawberries are doing superb. The Farmer and Son planted one of the hoop houses full, anticipating berries in January. Another stab at trying to fool nature! Shall be waiting with bated breath! In all of our farm escapades, there is one concept we have taken to heart. If the Lord sees fit to bless you with harvests, you will have harvests. If lessons in patience, perseverance, humility or whatever else are needed, it won't happen at that precise time. God willing we may have strawberry shortcake for New Years eve! The milk production is keeping steady. To alleve any anxiety, we will have goat milk throughout the winter. Two beef went to the processor last week, so those addicted to the extra lean hamburger, will have some soon. The canner is cranked up every day, as the freezers need to be emptied of the summer harvest, to make room for hundreds of pounds of meat. Lots of honey this year, as well as plenty of goat milk soap and goat soap laundry detergent.... just a little of this and a little of that! MARKET HOURS: Friday and Saturday from noon until 4:00 PM. Special appointments can be made throughout the week for dairy pickup. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!

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