Thursday, October 31, 2013


They look so innocent, so tempting, what harm could a small bite do? You love Jalapenos, you say, have even been brave enough to venture into habanero territory, so how much hotter could a pepper be? Well, let me tell you this. Unless you want your ears blowing smoke, your eyes and nose running a constant stream , your mouth paralyzed, you may want to pass on the Ghost Chili Peppers, or Bhuta  Jolakia . Bhuta, meaning ghost, describing the way the heat of the pepper sneaks up on you.  The Farmers Son obtained the seeds. After doing a little research on chili peppers, it was discovered that the Ghost Pepper is one of the highest rated for heat on the Scoville chart, coming in at a mere 855,000 points. A habanero is around 300,000 points. That is Hot! The Farmer has an associate at the Fire Station that has requested for the last several months some HOT, HOT , HOT, goat cheese. The Jalapenos, and Anaheims were just not doing the trick. The first of the Ghost Peppers were harvested. One pepper was chopped and mixed with the fresh goat cheese. Being careful not to touch any other body parts with pepper hands, even though gloves had been used, the cheese was sampled. Sampled was the word, a tiny tidbit on the end of a spoon...... just barely enough to taste. It was a mad dash, first for some ice, then a bucket of ice cream. Next a glass of cold milk, then back to the ice. Kissing the inside of the chest freezer, where the sides were covered in frost was not such a far fetched idea. Who in the world could eat these? I knew the headlines in the news would be about a local fireman that met his Maker under mysterious circumstances as he seemed to have self combusted while eating some goat cheese on a tortilla chip! The Farmer assured me that nothing would be too hot for his compadre, just plop it in a tub, snap on the lid, and he would make sure it got delivered. A waiver was going to be included that would release me from any liability if this takes a turn south and they wake up at the fire station and find nothing but ashes in his bed. Should anyone want to be daring, I have a couple of tubs of the Inferno goat cheese. The Farmers, fireman partner is now on his third batch. That is one tough dude! Have a safe and happy Halloween, and beware of ghosts hiding in cheese! From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!

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