Monday, October 21, 2013


It all started with chigger bites, acquired from a trip to the corn patch, with clog covered feet. Normally, with skin like lizard hide, after years of abuse from work and fun in the sun, chiggers normally won't make the extra effort it takes to burrow down past the tough outer layers of an epidermis. Apparently these were relentless. Within hours, ankles and lower legs were covered with red, itchy speckles. Not ones to have many ailments or accidents, or run ins with bothersome critters, the medicine cabinet at the farm is pretty sparse and basic. As the itching sensation took hold,  the scratching and digging began, trying  to eradicate all traces of the chiggers. Supposing that these little pests had been around since the dawn of time, realization hit, that there had to be something the old timers did that was natural and effective to combat these little buggers. Now with the production of cold processed, homemade soap, made from the goat milk produced on the farm, a stash of herbs and essential oils is readily available, ..... often used to enhance the feel and smell of the soap. Digging through all of the natural remedy books,  collected over the years, some research was done. A new obsession!!! Not only relief from itchy bug bites, the soothing cool of a sunburn,  unclogging of the sinuses, enhanced hearing by clearing dust filled ears, assuaging sore, tired muscles,  and all with combinations of natural herbs and essential oils. This is what mankind did for ailments until the development of synthetic medicines in the early 1800's. Folks could not afford the expensive, artificial drugs and sundries developed in laboratories, so they used what was on hand, gathered from trees, flowers,  mountains and fields. Not so secret, secrets passed down through generations. There is help for just about whatever ails ya! Lucky you, I am going to share some of my concoctions, and others recipes, tried and true, blended from essential oils and herbs for your benefit and enjoyment. A small selection of these simple, some ancient, remedies will be available in the market. If you want to soothe some aching muscles, take away a headache, clear a zit , calm a queasy stomach, cure athletes foot, or just smell really good, try a small dropper of one of my age old potions. Along with the goat milk soap, there will be bath fizzies, liquid soaps, massage oils, bath oils, diffuser oils. Ever heard of Thieves Oil? Legend has it........... just come to the market and ask, the story will be shared. Just to make it clear, I am not a licensed physician, healer, herbalist, naturopath, alchemist, soothsayer, witch doctor, or shaman. Just a Farm Gal, wanting to share some of the wondrous, natural, bounties the earth provides to better our lives.  From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!

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