Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Christmas, Christmas time is here, time for joy and time for cheer. The farm has been bustling with preparations for Christmas. The market was filled with holiday treats, giving the visitors some homemade goodies to share with family and friends. The pralines, almond toffee and peanut brittle were a hit, and the caramel chocolate pretzel rods were sold out again. The Farmer and Son kept the hoop houses protected from the ice and snow, so that the precious strawberry plants had a fighting chance to survive..... which they have done. Yes, there will be strawberry shortcake for Christmas dinner. As the year comes to a close, we want to give thanks to all of those that have made our farming venture a success. It was a good year down on the farm. Heads are buzzing with ideas for next year to try new projects and blaze new trails. Have not forgotten the mushroom idea and the hydroponics are near the top of the list. The Farmers son promises a pumpkin patch come hills or high water. As we look around and marvel at the bounty of Gods goodness, we are careful not to take all for granted. It is understood that we will try our best to do our part in Gods Great Plan, remembering that we are stewards of the Earth, entrusted with land and animals to do our best to make the world a better place to live. Merry Christmas to all and may your New Year be happy and blessed. FYI.......Sugar Plums have nothing to do with fresh plums! From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!

Monday, December 9, 2013


Seriously rethinking the whole idea of retirement in the Wilds of Alaska. Fishing for salmon, panning for gold, cozy log cabins, crackling fires in the fireplace, penguins, and the Aurora Borialis sounded adventurous and romantic. After three days of sub freezing weather, icy roads and slippery snow, the mindset has done a complete turn around. Contemplating not only the obvious problems, but the chain of events that would most likely take place after cabin fever sets in. The main one being whether or not the Farmer could stay confined for an extended period of time..... extended meaning about 24 hours, and pondering on just how long it would take to keep CRAZY at bay.  Obvious, after all suggestions of board games, snuggling while watching the Hallmark Christmas movie marathon, cleaning out more closets, organizing the pantry, painting the bathroom, were  met with rolled eyes and a snoozy head droop,  an impasse. After all of the milking and chores and refurbishing water and food for the animals, there are still a few hours left in the day. Staying home, cleaning, baking, puttering, undisturbed for several days, is one girls answer to a prayer. Not so for everybody.  Since the Farmer worked a double shift at the fire station he has to stay home for 24 hours. Meanwhile, the Farmer's Son  picked up the slack and has taken care of the obligations at the farm. With impassable roads, and no where to go, the chores need not be man can do it all in a days time. With not a furrow to plow, a field to mow, a seed to plant, irrigation pipes to attend to, the Farmer is in limbo. When the Farmer offers to help in the kitchen, with the Christmas baking, or help wrap Christmas presents,  the situation is dire. Nightly prayers ask for respite, not only for protection for the farm from the frigid temperatures, but clearing of the sleet and snow so that the Farmer can drive the tractor around and around the farm anticipating the coming Spring and make plans for the new planting season. Anything to keep him in the farming groove.  He has already been out in the snow measuring where the new hoop house will be. Alaska will be a faraway place that will be enjoyed while watching the National Geographic channel, ....... one night when a blizzard hits in North Texas, and the Farmer is snowbound again, and has no other option but to sit, relax and watch..... thankful that he lives in Texas where he can FARM, FARM, FARM,  most year around!! From our farmstead to your table, thank your for all of your support!!!

Saturday, December 7, 2013


The storm has hit, the Farmer has reported to the Fire Station for an extra shift,  the Farmers Son is holding down the fort. The Farmers Wife has been in her flannel PJ's for two days, just throwing on extra layers to do the chores and check the animals. Feeling a little guilty,( just a smidge) lots of inside projects are getting done. The cupboards are getting a much needed cleaning, the closets some organizing, and boxes filled with unused items are loaded into the trunk in case a pass is made by the Good Will Store when the roads are clear. The strawberry hoop house is surviving the cold, with the help of a little heat. The MARKET will be CLOSED this weekend, due to the dangerous driving conditions and the frigid, icy temperatures. Unless you have access to a rolling army tank, stay off of the roads, they are treacherous. Milking the animals, feeding and watering them is the main focus during this inclimate weather. It is a struggle to keep the ice broke in the water buckets and troughs. The larger troughs have deicers, but the smaller ones have to be thawed by hand.  Milk will be available throughout next week for special appointments, for those that need to come before the market reopens next weekend. CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY treats and sweets will be available in the market. Almond toffee, Peanut Brittle, Turtles, Peppermint Bark, Fudge, and just a few of the selections to assuage your sweet tooth. MARKET HOURS: Friday and Saturday from noon until 4:00 PM. Call for special appointments for dairy pickup throughout the week. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!

Monday, December 2, 2013


The Farmer and Son have really done it this time! They took some straggly starts from some ever-bearing, day neutral strawberry plants and have produced some big, ripe juicy strawberries. These are under cover in a hoop house, sheltered from the wind, frost and rabbits. If I can keep the snitchers from sneaking a taste, we will have a few in the market this weekend. From our farmstead to your table thank you for all of your support!!!