Monday, December 9, 2013


Seriously rethinking the whole idea of retirement in the Wilds of Alaska. Fishing for salmon, panning for gold, cozy log cabins, crackling fires in the fireplace, penguins, and the Aurora Borialis sounded adventurous and romantic. After three days of sub freezing weather, icy roads and slippery snow, the mindset has done a complete turn around. Contemplating not only the obvious problems, but the chain of events that would most likely take place after cabin fever sets in. The main one being whether or not the Farmer could stay confined for an extended period of time..... extended meaning about 24 hours, and pondering on just how long it would take to keep CRAZY at bay.  Obvious, after all suggestions of board games, snuggling while watching the Hallmark Christmas movie marathon, cleaning out more closets, organizing the pantry, painting the bathroom, were  met with rolled eyes and a snoozy head droop,  an impasse. After all of the milking and chores and refurbishing water and food for the animals, there are still a few hours left in the day. Staying home, cleaning, baking, puttering, undisturbed for several days, is one girls answer to a prayer. Not so for everybody.  Since the Farmer worked a double shift at the fire station he has to stay home for 24 hours. Meanwhile, the Farmer's Son  picked up the slack and has taken care of the obligations at the farm. With impassable roads, and no where to go, the chores need not be man can do it all in a days time. With not a furrow to plow, a field to mow, a seed to plant, irrigation pipes to attend to, the Farmer is in limbo. When the Farmer offers to help in the kitchen, with the Christmas baking, or help wrap Christmas presents,  the situation is dire. Nightly prayers ask for respite, not only for protection for the farm from the frigid temperatures, but clearing of the sleet and snow so that the Farmer can drive the tractor around and around the farm anticipating the coming Spring and make plans for the new planting season. Anything to keep him in the farming groove.  He has already been out in the snow measuring where the new hoop house will be. Alaska will be a faraway place that will be enjoyed while watching the National Geographic channel, ....... one night when a blizzard hits in North Texas, and the Farmer is snowbound again, and has no other option but to sit, relax and watch..... thankful that he lives in Texas where he can FARM, FARM, FARM,  most year around!! From our farmstead to your table, thank your for all of your support!!!

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  1. This weather has been driving me nuts! I slipped and fell on my knee and got a huge bruise.
    Like the Farmer's Son, I too have been managing the whole farm until my siblings are done with their brake (funny they want a brake just when the worst weather to work in hits!) lol. Anyway, I cannot wait until spring either!