Monday, March 28, 2011

Strawberry U-Pick Update!!!

The daily strawberry field inspection finds the berries right on schedule,...... as far as we can tell. The projected date for the picking season to begin will be Monday, April 11, the time will be 9:00am. Throughout that first week we will also pick Tues, Thurs. Fri. Sat. morning at 9:00 am. Depending upon the amount of ripe berries, we will determine the number of days open each week the following weeks.  Most likely it will be Mondays,Wednesdays, and Saturdays. We planted more strawberries this year, so we are not requiring reservations. We want to make sure that your trip to the farm is fruitfull! We will provide the containers for you to pick and take home . We have several sizes to choose from, the price of the berries will be $3.00 lb. As we are a working farm and have farm equipment and animals thereabout, we have some guidelines for your visit to make sure that it will be a pleasant experience, with no mishaps. #1. Wear clothing and shoes for walking and picking. The berry field is a short walking distance from the market. Sun hats or caps if needed, as well as close toed boots or shoes.  Our fields are in sand, and there may possibly be mud. Jackets if it is cool. We will not pick if it is raining. #2. Keep what you pick, only pick the all the way around RED berries as they will not ripen after being picked. #3.We fertilize with old, broken down poop. We suggest not eating the berries until WASHED for it is a sure fire guarantee you will have a mouth full of sand that has blown onto the berries, not to mention what may have splashed up on them in the rain. We do not spray for bugs, so a thorough rinsing would  be a good idea in case any critters are hiding undetected.  We will have a big bowl of washed berries for you to taste to your hearts content  # 4.We ask that there be one adult for each child under 8 years of age, for supervision. #5. No matter how tempting it is we ask that you not walk on the beds that the strawberries are grown in. One tear in the plastic mulch will require hours of extra work for us. We will not be able to give tours during picking times, but welcome visitors to attend our Open House on June 4 for a complete run down of the farm and its activities. More on that will be posted later. #6. We will show you how to pick the berries from the plants, and provide a place for you to wash them. We welcome all to our farm and hope that you would respect our home and our livelihood, as we would respect yours.  Snacks and beverages will be available to purchase from the market. We have a new canopy with picnic tables provided. As picking time approaches, we will continue to post updates and information . If there are questions, call or e-mail and we will answer them for you, From our farmstead to your table thank you for all of your support !!

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