Sunday, February 3, 2013


Often times in the hustle bustle of everyday farm life, the outside world goes unnoticed, as each day is filled with the immediate needs of each animal, the fields, the machinery.... . The other simple pleasures of life often breeze by. The Farmers son and  I were called to duty by the number 1 granddaughter, to participate in the annual school Father/ Daughter Valentine dance. Her Father was working his 24 hour shift at the Grand Prairie Fire Dept., so with a fierce determination not to miss the dance, and a very ascertive phone call from a hopeful little girl, the mantle was passed to Uncle Chris. Yes, the onions could wait another day, the tractor could be serviced tomorrow, there is all of next week to weed the strawberries.  Now, a girl cannot expect to go to a dance without some special flowers on her wrist and in her hair, so Ganny (my grandmother moniker) pilfered through the attic, drug out the tubs from the bygone flower shop days, put on the Florist hat and apron, and whipped up a little number suitable for a little girls first dance.  Now as one of his other hats, the Farmers Son taught dance at one of the Arthur Murray dance studios, so he was anxious to see if he could still cut a rug! A great time was had by all, they closed the joint down, it was said that they finally had to turn out the lights, as no one wanted to stop and go home. The granddaughter shed a few tears when her magical night came to an end..... but was assured by Uncle Chris, the Farmers Son, that he would most definately be available as an escort again next year!  From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!! (By the way, anyone need a corsage, give a shout!!!)

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