Sunday, March 17, 2013


It was extremely painful having to go to the grocery store and purchase strawberries for this cake order when we have the prospect of hundreds of pounds that will soon be ready to pluck from the plants, a few hundred feet from the back door. We retire in the evening with me wishing the strawberries were ready, wishing the goats would start having babies, wishing it would rain, wishing the cold weather away, after hearing me bemoan all of my wishes, the Farmer wishes that I would be quiet and be patient. For some reason unbeknownst to us everything is late this year. I am sure that the old timers know the reason, I just have not been able to find one to spell it out for me. Some of our dear milk patrons explained about the Spring equinox and the full moon that will follow, setting the seasons back a bit. I like that explanation the best. All of our breeding theories and planting schedules just flew out the window, back to following the moon, watching the birds and insects, as it has been decided by all here on the farm, everything good happens in God's own time, we are just here to facilitate all of the possibilities! Spring is coming, the fruit trees are starting to bloom, the bees are out full force. The Farmer has made inventory of all of the hives, adding some supers for the production of honey. We left plenty of food in them last fall to make sure they would not go hungry during their winter hibernation. All 18 hives are doing very well. The cows are finding the first Spring grass sprouts so the milk is going to start to change color, turning a little more golden as the grasses come on. Same with the chickens..... the yolks will vary. We promise goat milk is coming.....we just don't know when. We see saddlebags and waddlers, but have decided what will be, will be. The U-Pick strawberry season will be late this year,( what a shock!) We are anticipating the target date to open will be the second weekend in April. Next week the information will be posted here on the blog. The CSA  will resume in May this year. The Sherman group is full, the Colony group is full, There will be available shares for pickup at the farm on Fridays. Applications will be taken next week, more information will be posted here, also. NEWS FLASH!!!!!!! MARKET HOUR CHANGES: STARTING APRIL 5, FRIDAY NOON UNTIL 4:00PM AND SATURDAY FROM NOON UNTIL 4:00 PM. We will be picking strawberries in the mornings, hopefully.  From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!

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