Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Our farm e-mail has a glitch, not sure what it is, all messages have been returned as it states our box is full. The technical department, which consists of anyone here on the farm that knows beans about computors, and anyone who doesn't, like yours truly, and whoever else we know that might have a clue. Hopefully we will be up and running again soon. Meanwhile, pick up the phone, as I have paid the bill for this month and it still is working and call us at 903-429-2319 UPDATE::::::::: THE PROBLEM HAS BEEN SOLVED!!!! Thanks to an intelligent yakity parrot who squawks every morning "Take out the trash, take out the trash". Who needs a geek squad when we have Nicky. She was right, our trash folder was full of forms and files that were downloaded. It has since been emptied and the mail box is ready for mail! Also, thanks to Pam, our site sponsor.

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  1. How are those goat's doing? :) And how are the strawberries looking? I'm making plans for this weekend and hoping they include strawberry picking! :)