Wednesday, September 4, 2013


There is a new fandangled way they are abusing precious raw milk to satisfy.....I am not sure who it is meant to satisfy. It is called low temperature pasteurization. In the first place, pasteurization is just that, at whatever temperature you do it. Supposedly the milk is HEATED to 145 degrees and held for a period of time. For all those who are unaware at what temperature all of the good enzymes and bacteria are destroyed, it happens to be at 114 degrees! That is quite a stretch from 145.  All of the low temp advocates are claiming that the milk still has the raw milk benefits without the potential hazard. POPPYCOCK!!! This is just a way to market milk to consumers that are under the impression that they are getting something that is more wholesome and nutritious than what they may be buying in the grocery store. Milk cannot be almost raw, just the same as a person cannot be almost alive. It either is or isn't. You would be just as well off to save yourself the hassle of searching to buy low temperature pasteurized milk, by going to the grocery store and buying milk from the dairy section. I am sure it will be a lot less expensive. Or you can make a trip to a certified grade A raw milk dairy and get the really good stuff! Wish they would leave well enough alone, and not add confusion to the back to the basics food movement. Who comes up with these ideas? From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!


  1. That is a bunch of poppycock! Glad you guys do what you do! Do you ever have organ meat available?

    1. We have our grass fed beef processed as whole cow ground beef. The organs are not used. If you are interested in organ meats, keep in touch and we will have some saved for you, our next ones will be about ready around the first of Dec. The charge would be just for the packaging, same for soup bones.