Wednesday, January 22, 2014


The Booty Hatch is finally starting to open in the Hen House! It has been a long winter without the usual abundance of farm fresh eggs. The girls have had a good rest, their new feathers all fresh and fluffy. It was an absolute travesty that the Farmer and Son had to have omelets with store bought eggs. The freezing weather has had much to do with the delay. There is little doubt that our fine feathered friends have spent their energy on keeping warm, not laying eggs for our breakfast. Just one casualty reported, and that was a hungry chicken hawk. It will take a couple of weeks for any substantial amount for the market, but the pullet eggs are an indication that the chicks from last year are contributing their part. The tell tale sound of cackling throughout the day has returned, an assurance that there will be eggs in the nesting boxes. The Farmer and Son are brainstorming about a chicken trailer. By moving the hens around the pasture, it would serve several functions........ fertilizing, aerating, insect devouring, and weed eating. How genius is that! We would also be able to increase our numbers, to accommodate the demand. As the next wave of winter weather approaches, we are secure in the knowledge that our laying Hens are healthy and fat, with warm feather coats. We will patiently wait for the early Spring laying cycle to hit us head on, anxious to fill all of the empty egg cartons we have been collecting all winter. From our farmstead to your table thank you for all of your support!!!

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  1. We just got 35 laying hens and have 35 chicks do in tomorrow. I too, have been eating store bought eggs. It's awful, but I guess all of us won't be eating them for long. :)