Saturday, March 1, 2014


It has been a busy morning down on the farm....... some us us did a bit of baking for the market and some of us gave birth to triplets! Not even a contest as to which was the easiest! The goat milk supply will start to increase, in a few days, as the Spring does start to freshen. We also had a cow freshen this past week, so the cow milk supply will increase also. The weather has us going around in circles, do we plant, or don't we plant. We have decided that all of the little starts are compfy and cozy in the grow houses over heat mats and under warm lights, so we are not going to subject them to 16 degree weather next week. The potatoes and onions are just going to be a little late in the ground. The up and down weather has caused some of the early varieties of peach trees to start to bud, hopefully we will not loose the fruit crop. The chickens are doing a splendid job of catching up on their brief respite from laying. The egg supply has been sufficient for the demand. Questions have been asked as to the u-pick strawberry season. APRIL!  Getting ready to take the next  "fatted calf " to the processor, so there will be plenty of ground beef this Spring. There are still a few spots for the CSA, which will also start in April. Check the website for more information. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!!!

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