Friday, May 30, 2014


We have hit the ground running, as the early summer crops are starting to produce. The blackberry pickers are finding some nice ripe berries to fill their boxes. The Farmer is spending time in the hay fields, making sure the girls are all set for the winter, when the green grass is no more. The CSA will be going into its second month after this next week. We will be adding a couple of shares as the harvest looks to be good. Contact us if you are interested in participating. The milk supply has been plentiful as the girls are enjoying the green grass and mild temperatures. As the summer heat approaches, we will enjoy the abundance knowing it will change. This weekend the Self Serve Produce tables will be set up in front of the market for those that are not able to visit during market hours. As of yet, we have not been disappointed in the basic honesty and goodness of mankind. The money box is always full at the end of the day and sometimes it seems that there is more than there should be. As for our policy, if anyone is not able to afford what they need to feed themselves and their family, we do not expect payment. No one should go hungry when we have been so blessed. The Farmers Son is keeping the corn and watermelons watered. The corn is almost as high as an elephants eye, albeit an elephant with stubby legs. The melons plants are loaded with baby melons. The first of the cherry tomatoes are ripening, soon the market will have fresh, home grown tomatoes. The eggplant is just blooming, so it will be a couple of weeks. The next daunting task will be picking green beans. UGH!!! If only they grew on trees! The U-Pick blackberry season is under way. The berries are coming on gradually. The early varieties are in production, with the later varieties waiting in the wings. Appointments are requested, as we want there to be berries for those that want to come pick. Due to the heat, picking is done in the mornings. Blackberry picking information is posted in the previous blog. MARKET HOURS: Friday and Saturday from noon until 4:00 PM. Special appointments can be made for dairy pick up throughout the week. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!

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