Sunday, October 25, 2015


Grateful for the abundant rain, we took the downpours in stride. The animals found shelter, the equipment was housed in the new equipment shed, the fields just drank it all in, with the huge cracks and crannies closing up. As Fall is well under way, preparations are being made to prepare for cold weather and the short days of winter. The strawberries have been planted for the next season, the garlic is going into the ground this week, the Spring milkers are being reintroduced to their favorite Lothario, the fall milkers are producing lots of good goat milk to supply the increasing demand. It is time to start thinking about the holidays, and market preparations for all of the goodies. The pantry provisions are increasing in the market with additional freeze dried and dehydrated foods. Soups in a jar, herb and spice mixes, fruit leather, ice cream puffs made from homemade ice cream, yogurt drops, everything granola, are some of the offerings. Will have raw honey, and some in jars with the honeycomb. Our honey, citrus ginger tea mix will be in the cooler this week and watch for a new beverage called "Shrubs". It is a doozy!  The pecan trees are loaded, just waiting for a snap of cold weather and some big wind. The Farmer is adjusting to his retirement from the Fire Station and the Farmers Wife is looking feverishly for him a job. She has already sent him to Arkansas to visit friends, bought him a boat to send him to the lake to fish, volunteered his services at a nursing home, arranged for him to chaperone any field trips at the school, and is open to hiring him out to do odd jobs ( he is extremely handy!) Just give her a call....... oh you may have to wait a day or two, the rain knocked out the phone line at the farm, and the phone company is none too speedy. MARKET HOURS: FRIDAY AND SATURDAY  from noon until 4:00 PM. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!!

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