Saturday, July 10, 2010

If any one has watched Bambi, and seen how cute "Flower" is I am not going to invite you to our house for a day or two, as we have just "deflowered a family of skunks that were living under a hay bale in our barn. You cannot imagine the odor of 7 angry skunks ! If it wasn"t so unbearable, it would be hilarious. It is going to take several days and a very strong northerly wind to whoosh the smell out of the barn. I am not going to declare the squatters fate, as someone may call the ASPCA on us, but let me just hint that they will not be setting up residence any where near here. Now the mystery of my headless chickens, and disappearing eggs, has been solved! From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!

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