Saturday, July 17, 2010

Under all of this sweltering Texas heat lies field peas and okra that are experiencing sheer bliss! I am sure that when the Good Lord made all of the varieties of plants and trees, he decided he had better come up with something that would produce in the heat, so farmers in the South wouldn't get discouraged and quit. We have been selling peas by the bushels....another lingering Southern tradition, shelling peas. It can be theraputic or punishment, I hear comments from pea shellers that puts shelling in either catagory. We are cleaning up the old tomato vines, as they are starting to produce a new wave of growth. We will be planting the fall tomatoes the first of August. We ordered our strawberries for our u=pick next spring. They come from a huge farm in Canada and will be planting them in October. Also we will be expanding our blackberries, which will be ready for u-pick next year, and are working on our raspberries, which will probably take another year before we will have u-pick on those. It is said that raspberries do not do well in Texas, well I beg to differ, as we had plants that were loaded! We suspended our serve yourself produce for a little while, as everything we placed out was cooked by noon, as soon as it cools down a little we will continue. Biscuit had a buckling yesterday, he was about the size of our miniature ponies "OUCH". She is doing well, but he is having a hard time eating as she has that mammoth size bag that barely misses the ground so we have to help him a little to find his nummy. He may have to learn to eat laying flat on his belly. Rest assured that we will have winter milk so long a Biscuit is around. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!

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