Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hydroponic What?????

Look very closely, don't get excited, it's TOMATOES!!! My first attempt at growing hydroponics, ..... not bad, and if they make any tomatoes, the Farmer will sell them to anyone for just what we have invested in them, a real deal at $69.00 a lb.! Next, it will be lettuce, and spinach and maybe some cucumbers. I am on a roll with this project. The weather is holding steady, no frost, so we are still harvesting tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, squash, broccoli, okra, and green onions. The market was busy this week, as everyone is preparing for the upcoming holiday. It is advisable to start stockpiling a little goat milk for those that need it, as the supply will be minimal through Jan. and Feb.. Heads up for Thanksgiving weekend as we will be CLOSED Thurs. and Friday, but will be OPEN Sat. from noon until 4:00. My very sweet, whacky sisters and their families are coming from far away, as my mother threatens them each year saying "You had all better come home for the holidays, as my days are numbered and I am not long for this world."  She is going to outlive all of us! With seven siblings, all having quirky, fun, personalities, bringing all of their children and grandchildren, a family get together is a big hullabaloo at Grandma Great's House! The bees are settling in for the winter, as we are finding a few drone bodies outside the hives. Rocky has checked their winter stores and they are pretty well stocked up. The fruit trees are loosing their leaves and I will start checking the chill hours update chart for our area, to monitor the hours the temperature dips below 46 degrees, as so many cold hours are needed for the fruit to produce next year. This farming gets a little complicated! The Farmer planted rows of elephant garlic, and it is growing, so we should have a good harvest next  Spring. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!

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