Monday, November 8, 2010

Will wonders never cease!!!

Who would have guessed that some wrinkly, dirty, scrubby looking, leftover in the bin because no one thought they were pretty enough to buy, POTATOES, would produce such beautiful, perfect, delicious to the taste, buttery jewels! When I told the farmer to plow up a spot to give the shriveled nubs a second chance, he just shook his head and smiled, "Sugar," he said, you realize this is like "spitten' in the wind, those taters are too far gone to do anything but shrivel up more, and feed the moles and gophers under the ground for the winter". But like all dutiful husbands whose main lot in life is to pacify a headstrong partner, he just went and got the tractor, dug some furrows, plopped the potato chunks into the ground, carefully covered them over, and was thinking what he could have been accomplishing, instead of wasting his time on this dead end, hair-brained notion. As the spindly plants sprouted above the ground one by one, I was reveling in my anticipation of bushels of fall potatoes. Needless to say, as we dug up the plants one by one , my triumphant "I TOLD YOU SO's" could be heard in town! Now, we don't have bushels, but we have plenty to sell in the market, share with some of our family, and prepare home grown mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner. The moral of this story is, no matter what the effect of hard times, being neglected and dejected, passed over and scorned, it is possible to have a second chance, and with a little love and nurturing, emerge smelling like a........ "New Potato!" From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!

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