Friday, January 7, 2011

Fruit of the Loom....Move Over !!!!!

I have come to the very obvious conclusion that this is the reason that the North won the civil war! These have been a basic necessessity in the Farmers winter wardrobe since their discovery at Tractor Supply ( for the extremely reasonable price of $19.95). This timeless, form fitting gem has been on battlefields, treked across the plains, moved herds of cattle on horseback, not to mention weathering blizzards in the Rocky Mountains.  Back then, at 80 cents apiece, they were a bargain. Notice the finished neck and the pearl buttons. You could wear these under a business suit and be just dapper!  Did you know that they were first designed for women? I must say that despite the lack of 21st century coiture, the Union Suit Rocks! What might you ask does this have to do with a Dairy and produce farming? Well, not much, but it sure makes it a little cozier going to the milk barn when the ground is frozen and the wind is howling, or plowing the fields when your breath swirls around your head in a cloud. No drafty, open gaps anywhere. And might I add, they are just a little bit sexy! Now it can be said that this bright red, 100% cotton, all button, easily accessable, ( get one, you'll see what I mean) versatile garment, has done the chores at R&C Dairy and Farmstead, and will do the chores for many more winters to come! Take my word for it, it will be 20 bucks well spent! And yes, I have one too! From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!

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