Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Little Hut in the Arctic?

Not Quite!!!! It's a little Greenhouse in Texas! Brrrrrr.... it is cold here on the farm. We are all in survival mode. The animals get up from their burrowed spots to get a bite to eat and an occasional drink. The farmer has spent the last few days breaking ice in water troughs and replenishing hay and feed mangers. I keep telling myself this is good, be thankful for the chill hours so that we can have luscious fruit in the summer time. Maybe the bugs won't be so bad this year. The snow will melt and penetrate the ground slowly and deeply. Best of all, I can wear my flannel jammies all day long, as chances are not a soul will be stopping by for a visit during this arctic blast. There is an air of anticipation for the coming spring, as we are pondering over the seed catalogs and gardening magazines.  We have ordered some Pluot trees ( nixed the pomogranate idea, as we need an arid desert climate), and another cherry tree.Trees do best when planted when they are dorment. All of last years trees are doing well during their deep sleep. The berries are flying under the radar and are just biding their time. This should be a great strawberry and blackberry year. And as I mentioned previously the raspberries are flourishing.  For those of you who garden, this is a reminder to prepare to plant onions, asparagus, and then potatoes. Some farmers plant onions late January, we usually plant mid February, as the ground is usually soaked from the January rain AND snow. It is now time to start seedlings indoors, as they can be transplanted 6 to 8 weeks after starting. The last frost date for North Texas is around March 17, but mark my words, there is usually one more frost that sneaks in sometime in early April. Easter is late this year, so schedule your transplanting accordingly. As for me, I wait until at least two weeks after the frost date, and hope for the best. The Farmers Almanac has weather information, although not always right on, it is pretty close. For those that want to plant according to the moon phases, the almanac has information and the dates for you. The Market will reopen in Feb. The exact date will be posted as Feb. approaches.  From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!

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