Wednesday, November 9, 2011


  We are in the middle of an invasion! For the last month a colony of gophers have found our rich, sandy soil. Every morning we would wake up to several new mounds polka dotting the pasture, lawn, garden, vegetable fields. Coming and going to run errands within a several mile radius, we noticed other properties with the same condition, freshly dug dirt mounds popping up everywhere. Now, I have a deep respect for the natural order of things, but when one of my critters or myself is in danger of breaking a leg in a gopher hole, I feel it is my responsibility to take action..... and considering our farm does not have natural predators to gophers, the Farmer and his gopherliminator were called into action. For all intents and purposes, the idea behind it is simply brilliant. As a fireman, and an expert with hoses, he just simply hooked one end of a specially rigged hose to the tail pipe of our Poppin' Johnny antique tractor, inserted the other end into the gaping hole dug by the offending culprits, started the tractor and patiently counted about 20 minutes,  ( The wait is simply exhausting!!) Next morning we looked out the window, to see if there were any newly excavated mounds. If not, mission successful. As of this morning the ground around the treated area is flat as a fritter, it is possible the rodents are just in a deep sleep, should know in another day or two. If it was an irrefutable success, I will be hiring out the Farmer and his gopherliminator by the hour, will keep you posted! From our farmstead to your table thank you for all of your support!!

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