Sunday, April 29, 2012


Parting is such sweet sorrow! As the heat and the bugs creep in, the berries are giving us a final adeau. There will be one more Saturday of picking, but it will be call ahead for an appointment. We will schedule a limited amount of pickers, depending upon the amount of strawberries that will be available . It was a good season, thank you to all that came and supported our efforts. We are already making plans for next year. The blackberries are just around the corner. Picking season will probably start in about 2 weeks. Daily monitoring of the berries will give us a better idea when they will be ready. We did lose a few plants due to the drought, but we are grateful for all of those that are loaded with soon to mature fruit. Details on the U-pick blackberry season will follow. Due to some incidents during the strawberry picking season we are going to change a few of our guidelines. We did get the tractor and the toilet fixed. Had to order the irrigation valves that were smashed, should be here this week. Our dear neighbor across the road was a little startled when he looked out his kitchen window to a bevy of picnicers, complete with blankets, in his back yard, not sure what to do about that one!  When I walk through the tomatoes, it is like hitting the motherlode. Green tomatoes are everywhere. One week of the CSA may be a half bushel of tomatoes! I am holding my breath, waiting for the first ones to ripen.  A couple of the early peach trees have blushing fruit. I have this niggeling thought that "what if everything has came an went by June!"...........when the rest of the world is just putting in their gardens. What in the world will we do for the rest of the season! We may have to muster up the energy to plant a mid season garden before the fall/winter garden. The farmer is going to take a trip to the processor in the next couple of weeks, so there will be plenty of ground beef. Randy the beeman helped us do inventory on our hives, and we were able to split some before they vacated the premises. The girls were busy making honey, so hopefully we will have another good honey harvest this year. We are down to our last smidge from last year, so we may be rationing a bit, until the honey flows again. Most of our produce will be going to our CSA members, as they have made a comittment to us to take whatever we produce each week. There will be a limited amount in the market on the weekends.   From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!

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