Sunday, April 8, 2012


Berry picking weekend ended with most everything in tact! Including me! Lots of visitors, no major mishaps, and other than an odd request or two from patrons ( yes the strawberries are cheaper at WalMart and no we do not give a discount if you buy more than one pound, and the reason the berries are not very sweet, is because you picked the pink ones after being instructed to pick the darker, ruby red ones).Thank you to all who came, for a great start to our U-pick strawberry season. The strawberries should be available throughout the month of April, so if you missed this week, be sure to come at another time. Monday through Friday there will be call ahead picking. Just let us know when you would like to come. 10:00 AM will be the start time. Next Saturday will be open picking again, starting at 9:00 AM until pickout, which usually  is around 11:30 AM. UPCOMING EVENTS: The CSA is anticipated to begin the last week of April for those participating. A newsletter will be sent for more information.  The blackberries will be ready for U-Pick mid May. Next weekend will be the start of some Spring produce in the market. The baby chicks will be here in a couple of weeks, answering the demand for more eggs! Oh, and more meat will be in the freezer, by the end of April, ( we kind of whisper that around here, as we do not want to upset those who are not involved.....namely LuLu). A special thank you at this time to my Father In Heaven for giving his son for redemption from our sins. I promise that I will try to make his burden as light as I can, by following his teachings and trying to live a life revering Him and his Word. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!

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  1. strawberry pie: delicious
    strawberries with cereal: delicious
    strawberries dipped in powdered sugar: delicious
    strawberries with yogurt: super delicious

    just plain good eating :)