Sunday, June 10, 2012


WANTED: Newly established sustainable farmstead that has been blessed with lots of growth and a bit of prosperity is seeking a special person to add to it's farm family. Just a few basic requirements would be helpful if you think this would be something for you or someone you know. #1: Know the difference between a cow, a goat, a chicken, and a duck and whether it is male or female. # 2: Be an early bird, not a night owl. #3: Dirt on your clothes and body does not bother you #4: Aren't squeamish at the sight of poo and goo. #5: Love to watch things grow  #6: Realize that farms aren't run according to a clock #7: Can recognize the difference in bored tired and hard work tired, and appreciate the latter. #8: Want to have a basic knowlege of how to sustain yourself completely, when times get tough( and they will get tough) # 9: Have a basic sense of honor and honesty....and a good dose of plain common sense. # 10: Understand that rewards are not always monetary. If you know of someone that has the characteristics listed, contact me, the Farmers Wife, and we shall discuss this in more detail! From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!


  1. oooh, I wish I were 30 or even just 20 years younger.....

  2. Lol...I told my husband when were were out there picking blackberries that I'd love to work there...unfortunately, I'm a SAHM, and that has to come first before working on a farm for fun. :)