Sunday, August 12, 2012


Some women have a penchant for shoes, some for flashy jewels, I have a thing for kitchen gadgets. If you were to stroll through my kitchen and pantry, you would see contraptions old and new that  would cause you to pause and wonder, what in the world is that for? If it can make a kitchen chore a little easier, I am going to find it and try it. Look at my jam and jelly maker. Just toss in the fruit, sugar, pectin, push a couple of buttons, and wait 20 minutes or so and voila! JAM. I have a gismo that stirs itself, while cooking, great for making caramel and candy. My ice cream maker mixes and freezes ice cream without pre freezing the canister or using salt and ice. If you visit and want donuts, cake pops, homemade ice cream sandwiches,caramel apples, chocolate covered anything, fresh squeezed juice, quesadillas, you name it . I even explored and found an only used a few times, Otis Spunkmeyer cookie oven on E-bay and now bake my cookies and muffins at an even temperature in a compact, air and heat controlled oven. I must admit I have fallen for a few humdingers advertised, and have made it a rule written in stone, to check reviews before purchase. There is something out of kilter when you look at a hard boiled egg with the top part missing! I do like my GREEN non stick frying pan. I rationalize that all of this paraphanalia makes my kitchen chores much easier, faster, funner, so as I am peeling and coring apples with my whirly ma jig apple thingy, or popping the pits out of cherries with my cherry pitter, I keep my eyes open for the next great discovery to add to my kitchen repetoire. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!

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