Friday, June 7, 2013


What is a little rain shower among blackberry pickers? Just a great way to cool off!!  Never let it be said that a die hard blackberry picker would ever be deterred by a little wind and a slight shower, when the main goal for the day, would be to fill a couple of buckets of plump, juicy berries. Umbrellas in hand, rubber boots on foot, no way would they go home empty handed. On the up side, the berries would have received a prewash, helping to rid them of a little sand and some pesky critters.  Far be it from us to stand in the way of this all important mission for the day.  Since there was nary a sign of thunder or lightening, we just let them have at it! As this weekend is completely filled with reservations, be not dismayed if you were not able to contact us in time for a spot. We will be picking throughout the month of June, as the different varieties of berries are ripening in sequence. Reservations for next week, will be taken starting on Tues. We are picking in the mornings, before the heat sets in, we may start a little earlier next week, as it is supposed to be hot. Will keep you posted.  The rain has been such a blessing, as we have not had to irrigate the row crops. Other news about the farm,..... we are still gradually adding to our goat milk supply with two new does this week, will have goat cheese this weekend in the market. We have just purchased a new jersey cow, to be delivered on Saturday. Our ultimate goal is to be able to provide a little cream here and there, as we have had so many requests. It will soon be time to harvest honey, good thing as we are dipping into the last bucket from last years harvest. The Farmers Son is harvesting tomatoes this week from the hoop house. The selection is astounding. The squash is plentiful as well as the beets and carrots. The CSA baskets have been overflowing. The tassles have appeared on the top of the corn plants, so should have some sweet corn at the end of the month. Keep in mind that we will have melons this summer, but due to the fact that they were planted three different times, due to our inability to outguess the weather, they will be a little bit tardy. The black eyed peas and okra are right on schedule. Now for the potatoes and onions, what can be said? The Farmer and Son and Sidekick, have used the new potato digger on 4 rows of potatoes, all of which have found a resting spot on the back porch, where they are protected from the elements. They cover most every inch of the porch. There are twenty more rows to dig. For anyone that has a shred of doubt about poop compost, let me just show you what a handful of cows, a few  goats, and a chicken or two can grow! We are cutting and hauling hay this month, in preparation for the lean winter pickin's. It takes a lot to feed these girls that are producing milk for our enjoyment. Got to keep them happy.  MARKET HOURS: Friday and Saturday from noon until 4:00 PM . It is a good idea to call ahead to order specialty items like buttermilk, sour cream, yogurt, kefir. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!

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