Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Not unlike the shoemakers children that walk barefoot, or the dentist wife with a missing front tooth, the chance of the Farmer finding a blackberry cobbler in the oven is kinda remote. He usually has to wait until the busy season is over, the pace slows down a bit, and the overstocked freezers are relieved of their bounty of the summer. So he settles for a bowl of fresh berries with his yogurt. The bushes are lush with ripe and ready berries to pick with some of the later varieties producing. We are picking every morning for the next week or two, except on Sunday. As the heat sets in we will start a little earlier. 9:30 will begin picking time, and will continue until around noon. Just call ahead a let us know you are coming. There are plenty of berries, making your picking easy. Guidelines for picking can be found under blackberry scoop in this blog. For those that feel really ambitious, and want some green beans to can or for the freezer, we have some for you to pick, at a bargain price. Just a hint, the black eyed  peas are just around the corner, as well as the sweet corn. MARKET HOURS:  Friday and Saturday from noon until 4:00 PM. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!


  1. I came and picked there this year and there were tons of tiny crawly bugs all over my berries and no matter how much I rinsed them I could not get them off. I even tried soaking them in vinegar and water and lots of little bugs floated to the top, but it still didn't get rid of them. I've been to no pesticide berry farms before and have never seen this. I had to throw all the berries out.

  2. Tons of bugs are a lot of bugs! The berries must be very delicious to attract so many. Will gladly refund your money, just give me an address. Never soak berries in vinegar, a little salt or baking soda water briefly. I would love to know the secret of Texas berry farms that claim to use no pesticides that have no bugs. As we have had repeat pickers this season, the bugs must have been easier to deal with for some.