Saturday, September 12, 2015


What a glorious day..... sunny, slightly breezy, cooler, and just the right amount of customers visiting the store at a steady pace, making the day perfect! No produce for sale to speak of, have been doling out cucumbers and peppers as the cool weather has reactivated the plants. The cooler weather is motivational..... going to dig out the seed packets and make a plan. The latest obsession that has taken over the pantry, is the freeze drying machine. Fruit snacks are now available in the market, with on the spot fruit and nut oatmeal mixes, soups in a jar, and soon meats and vegetables. One customer said the freeze dried tropical mix with mango, kiwi, banana, pineapple, is like crack cocaine, you just want more, more, more! This next week will be a flurry of cleaning old beds, adding fresh compost, planting seeds, and  preparing for the arrival of next years strawberry starts. Time to order garlic. Decisions have to be made on what to replace the expired trees in the orchard with. The bull that was sent to the processor, should be ready any day now. His demise was his own doing, as it was determined that he was the reason our milk production was less and less, as the summer heat increased, we blamed the decrease in production too the excessive temperatures. Lo and behold one evening about dusk the Farmer took a little jaunt in the go buggy to the pasture to check on the animals and found a milk thief just sauntering from one cow to the next helping himself to their wares, and I am not talking about their lady parts on the back end, but the lady parts down under! That was entirely unacceptable. Once they taste the creamy bovine nectar, there is no turning back, his fate was sealed. On the upside, we will have wonderful milk and grass fed ground beef in the market. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!

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  1. funny story Carol, too bad for the bull, but good for us :)