Sunday, June 13, 2010

It is hot as Hades outside and we are getting ready to plant pumpkins! Hopefully we might get a splash of rain to help the dry ground loosen up a bit. We are now in survival mode with all of the heat and dry weather. The okra and the black eyed peas are in heaven, the tomatoes are in stall mode,the peppers and eggplant are in high gear, and the squash and cucumbers are trying to decide to keep producing or just call it a day! The blackberries are providing plenty for the market, but not quite enough for u-pick. We are getting a few raspberries and the peaches have been delicious. Did you know that the cling variety are the first to produce? The freestone peaches are later in the season. All of our white peaches, like the Georgia Bells are a couple of weeks out , yet. The melons are coming along and we should have a good crop of cantelope and watermelons in July. Our market hours are 10:00 until noon Thurs and friday, and Saturday from 10:00am until 4:00. We now have some of Sloans Creek farms heritage meats available in the market, beef and pork. We have our own ground beef and ground goat meat also. The bees are in full honey production keeping all of the fruits and veggies polinated. We should start harvesting this years honey soon. Speaking of bees........ on hot summer days the girls find a favorite watering spot. I have a small fountain in my little garden that is the watering hole of choice for many of them. Mid day will find hundreds covering the fountain getting a drink. They cool off a bit then go back to the hive and fan the queen with their wings, the hive is kept a constant temperature of about 91 degrees. For those interested in picking black eyed peas, they will be ready in about a week, so gear up . We will pick by appt. so just give us a call. Early mornings or later in the evenings before dark are best as it is cooler. The peas will be $30.00 a heaping bushel if you pick . I will post when the snaps are ready. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!

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