Sunday, June 27, 2010

The rain came! It was just a dose but we are grateful for every drop that we get. Rocky's watermelon patch might just make it. We are in full swing of picking black eyed and purple hull peas. Being a girl from the North, it tickles me to sell "Southern Food". I had never seen okra until I moved to Texas. We are selling about as many green tomatoes as we are red. And hats off to all of the fellows that come to the market to buy goods. I love to hear " What have you got that I can throw on the grill, I am cooking tonight!" The peaches have been heavenly we still have several trees coming on, and those blackberries just won't quit. Our Thurs and Friday noon until 5 , Saturday 10 am till 4 pm market time has worked out well. We have a table set out front with produce already prepackaged to be bought after hours. Rocky made a little money box for payment and so far everyone has been completely honest. The way I look at it, if someone needed the fruits and veggies and could not pay for them, they are welcome to them any way. A patron asked me if we were going to be open for the holiday, I told her we usually close on Christmas. She said she meant the 4th of July. Oh, is that coming soon? For farmers it is the day that you have your pumpkins planted by. Not that I do not appreciate this wonderful country and all of its benefits, but we think about that every day, and do not need a parade and fireworks to remind us. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!

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