Friday, April 29, 2011


 Part of my youth was spent in Illinois, where our family had a farm upon which we raised fat, corn fed, Angus cows, and pigs. (this was way before the grassfed  movement began, at which time the herd was moved to Montana of all places), so I have very little taste for store bought meat. This is one of the main reasons we have decided to share our farm raised animals with others, giving them the chance to have some of the choicest of  meat. Each year we seek a source for calves to feed  if we have not been able to produce our own. It has been slim pickins here on the farm as our Herd Sire Colorado has produced all " She's" except for two, since he came to us four years ago. Great for the dairy business, grim for the meat business! Since the girls are spared the frying pan, we haven't had much to fill the freezers. In the local Dairy Farm network there are plenty of calves that are available from other farms to raise from birth for what ever suits your purpose, to nurture and care for them and control what constitutes their diet, keeping us with a constant supply....... And occassionally like pennies from heaven, we are blessed with friends like Walter! Now, Walter is a farmer from way back, whose farm is smack dab in the middle of  Denton Texas. His farm is surrounded by swanky subdivisions whose developers have offered him a pricey sum for his land. He has declined, as he would have to find a new home for his momma cows and calves. The Farmer got a call from Walter one morning, with a serious dilema. He had a momma cow that had given birth a few days before, who just up and died, leaving the little bull calf an orphan. Walter did not have time to feed it, would we consider taking it? " Sure, the Farmer said, I will come and get it with the cattle trailer." Walter claimed he had to come by our place later in the day, he would just bring the calf by.(I think it was free buffet for seniors day at the casino up the road) We prepared a stall, washed and prepared a bottle, and waited in anxious anticipation.  As I watched the road, I was on the lookout for Walter's pickup and cattle trailer. Not 40 minutes went by and  a brand new white Dodge Ram pickup pulled into the drive, my heart sank  as there was no trailer attached. Walter must have changed his mind. I noticed someone sitting in the passenger seat, so I decided to be hospitable and invite Walter and his companion for something to drink. Walter hopped out of the drivers seat, toodled around to the other side and opened the passenger door. Out jumped the purtiest little black calf I had ever seen. Oh, My,!! As I looked at the baby poop smeared on the interior, I looked at Walter, as he declared, "It'll all wash off!! Take good care of him, he will be real good eatin' one day", he called, as he backed out of the drive, waved and drove off! From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!

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