Saturday, April 23, 2011


There are no words to properly describe LuLu other than just how it is! A fat, short cow! She takes the term "How the Cow ate the Cabbage" to a whole new level. The cabbage, the apples, the pecans, the spinach, watermelon, not to mention the grass and hay. I realize she is eating for two, but she eats for two all of the time. What is truely amazing is that when she hears her name called, and sees a bucket, she flies across the pasture like she weighs 100 lbs. Quite a memorable sight! You can actually feel the earth move as she approaches. She is patiently awaiting the impending birth of her calf, we are impatiently awaiting for her fresh creamy milk!! At this time of year, we reflect on the season and the sacrifice that was made so that we can have redemption from our misdeeds. Thank you Father in Heaven, and a special thank you to Jesus the Christ. From our farmstead to your table thank you for all of your support!!

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  1. So sweet that Lulu and even more sweet our Redeemer! Thank you for a great post! We are so looking forward to the blackberries! The strawberries were amazing--not to mention the samples of the yummiest goat milk ice-cream! Thank you again for some precious memories!