Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Every year, as we are making plans for the seasons crops, the Farmer offers the same suggestion. "Let's plant just a couple of varieties of each vegetable, make a note when it is harvested, if it was a good choice or a BUST, then we will know what to plant the next year!" Every year I wholeheartedly agree, until I immerse myself in page after page of seed catalogs from countless seed companies. It is just too tempting to order burgundy okra, purple tomatoes, or banana melons. I convince myself that if it is in a seed catalog, then maybe I should order it, try something new, be adventurous, Needless to say, our basic variety of melons has become  an assorted variety of melons. As the Farmer was determining the ripening status of the melons, the gig was up! He has most certainly figured out that I have more that two types of cantaloupe and watermelon. I wasn't smart enough to order those with similar characterics, I had to order completely different colors and sizes! Just what they are, I am not so sure. To me there are really just two types, good ones and bad ones. The melons are being harvested, I have yet to determine the yays or the nays!  The corn is ready, we are picking this week and will have lots of sweet corn in the market this weekend. Nothing says 4th of July BBQ, like corn on the cob! We are still getting a few blackberries for the market, some peaches, plums and some summer pears! The only thing growing on the okra are the pods, the plants aren't any taller than they were when the first blooms appeared. I am still scratching my head about that one! It has been so hot and dry, the black eyed peas are having a struggle, they like the heat, but this may be a bit much! For some reason, my tomato, cucumber and pepper plants are faring pretty well, I am sure that watering twice a day doesn't hurt, either. MARKET HOURS: Friday, Saturday from noon until 4:00pm. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!

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