Sunday, July 3, 2011


Corn flakes, cornbread, corn oil, corndogs, cornpone, corn syrup, popcorn, and ever so yummy buttered, hot, sweet corn on the cob, and now fuel!!! What ever would we do without corn! Yes, there is a big controversy about feeding some animals corn, namely cows, but telling LuLu that she is not supposed to eat anything but hay and grass, is like telling a teenager don't use cell phones, or you will get a brain tumor! They are thinking, I think I will just take my chances. She loves her watermelon and cantaloupe. The heat is taking its toll, but we are keeping everything going that is on irrigation. This week we will be harvesting lots of corn, and it will be available for bargain prices.... by the sack full or the bushel. The watermelons have been small, but very sweet. The cantaloupe are just starting, and we will be doing taste testing on some of the odd varieties that I planted to see if they will get a repeat performance next year. The goat milk supply has slacked a bit, but we still have plenty. The cow milk is another story. We are going to turn Godiva dry to get ready for her calf in the fall, so we will have a trickle from LuLu. It is time to start putting up her calf, as she is getting the three gallons that we should be getting. She is not going to like it! MARKET HOURS: Friday and Saturday from noon until 4:00pm. Special appointments can be made at other times for dairy pick up. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!

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