Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Will wonders never cease! As we scoped the pastures and gardens for the welcome effects of the continuous rainfall that has blessed the farm, we noticed some collateral damage from the storms, resting in the driveway. I have heard of the phenomena of frogs, worms and fish, falling from the sky during a violent tempest, but now I am a witness!The tiny fish, the Farmer, an avid fisherman, says  are shad......native to Lake Texoma and Ray Roberts. That is a long way to travel through the air. Brings a whole new perspective to Flying Fish! On a more sensible note, we are making headway in our preparations for Spring planting. The propogation houses are filling up with seed trays for planting. The ground is ready for the hoop house, that will soon be here. The Farmer's Son has jumped the gun a little and planted a round of onions. The market had its first week end opening, it was good to see our friends after a brief lull during the Christmas season. Our MARKET HOURS: Friday and Saturday from noon until 4:00 pm. We only have cow milk and cow milk products at this time. The goat milk will resume the first of March.The CSA is almost full-up. Thank you to all those who sent in their applications so quickly.  More information will be posted here as we get closer to the season, around the first week in April. Valentines Day is just around the corner, we will have some special treats in the market for that special someone. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!

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