Monday, March 26, 2012


With the sun shining for the last few days, and the balmy days and nights, the strawberries have been put into high gear! We are anicipating opening to all  for U-pick starting Monday. April 2.  Information will be posted here as the picking progresses. Here is the scoop on picking strawberries at our farm.  Picking will be done in the mornings, as the berries are cool and fresh. We will open at 9:00AM and will pick until around 11:30 or pickout. If there are berries, special appointments can be made at other times.  It will be announced at the beginning of each week on the blog and the answer machine (903-429-2319) what days that week will be picking days. It is necessary to give the developing berries time to ripen if all of the ripe ones have been picked. Following are the guidelines we have, to make your visit enjoyable. * Dress for picking, closed toe shoes, hats for sun, jackets for cool weather. * Boxes are provided for picking, with containers for take home.* Please respect our farm and its crops. What you pick, you keep. I would not go to your house and walk on your bed with my shoes, so please do not walk on our stawberry beds.  Strawberries will not ripen after they are picked, they should be red all the way around. Samples will be provided for your tasting....and these will be washed. Unless you crave poop and pepper tea, ivory soap and sand, do not eat the berries in the field until washed. *Berries are picked by the whole stem, gently pulling with the thumb and fingers. * Children are welcome if they behave well. All under 6 require an adult each for supervision. Please do not bring your pets to the farm, no matter how well behaved they are, as they will not be able to travel with you to the picking patch.  Strawberries are $3.00 lb. We will have picked berries for those that want to pass on the picking adventure. We do have some picnic tables, and restroom facilities. If there are any questions, feel free to contact us, we look forward to your visit! From our farmstead to your table thank you for all of your support!!!

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