Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Ready or not, here they come! The blackberries are ripening. We will be open for U-pick this Friday at 10:00 AM.  As the blackberry rows are down in the South 40, it will be a little bit of a distance for pickers to walk...... not for the short of breath or those packing papooses. Strollers and wagons will fare just fine on the road. We will have the go-buggy to help those that are not able to make the trek. The berries will be picked in one gallon buckets, and will be sent home in one gallon baggies. The price of the berries will be $3.00 lb. A gallon bucket level full weighs about 6 lbs. Buckets can be picked up at the berry table in front of  the market, where they will be brought after picking to be weighed. As the berries are at the onset of their season, we will be taking appointments for pickers this weekend. We want to make sure that their are sufficient berries available for those coming. The blackberry field does not have any amenities. Just berries!!! Not a picnic table in sight and the potty is quite a ways away. Wear appropriate clothing, close toed shoes, sun hats, etc. We do not have chiggers, but as we do not spray our crops, their may be skeeters in the mornings. The berries will certainly have to be rinsed of  tiny critters that enjoy them as much as we do. We look forward to your visit! Our new Market hours: Saturday from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM. We will take special appointments for dairy pickup throughout the week. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!

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