Monday, May 21, 2012


They are getting ready! Will soon have a few peaches in the market. The tomatoes are still dragging their feet. Maybe green is the new red! The weekend of blackberry picking went well. If people complained about the jaunt to the berry patch, they mumbled to themselves, and we didn't hear it. I am going to have to regroup the Farmstead Market. We sold out of everything this weekend, which is a good thing for us, but a bad thing for those visitors who wanted bread, honey, cookies, milk, etc. I am going to work a little extra this week to stock up...... there wasn't even a jar of pickles on the shelf! Speaking of honey, the last drops of the last harvest are being put in jars this week. This season's honey flow should start next month. We have checked the hives and the girls are just a buzzin' with activity. Blackberry picking will continue through the month of May and into June. And if I'm a lyin' I'm a dyin', we are still picking beautiful strawberries! Still can't figure that out. Folks added pounds of strawberries to their blackberry bounty. Call ahead picking throughout the week. Just call and set up an appointment to come.  Open picking on Saturday from 10:00AM until pickout, which will be around noon. We do not pick in the heat of the day, as the berries get mushy. The price of the berries is $3 lb. Our buckets are 5 qt. and will hold about 6 lbs.  Should have some produce in the market this weekend. The green beans are about ready, the cabbage is still producing, the potatoes have all been dug, and the onions are drying. For those who stop at the market for the first time, and ask HOW MUCH ? on the produce. We sell by the handful, the mess, the bunch, sometimes by the lb., sometimes depends on how bad you need it, one time it may be one price, the next time we may throw it in with the mix.  First come first serve on the 3 tomatoes that will probably be ready. And of course peaches. If they aren't hard as bricks, we will start picking. MARKET HOURS: Saturday from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM . Call throughout the week for dairy pickup appointments.  From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!

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