Saturday, April 3, 2010

As I am waiting for the sun to rise, to go cut asparagus for the market today, I reflect on the season and the celebration of life and the many blessings that each day brings to us here on the farm. The work is arduous and never ending, shoveling poop and picking up afterbirth in the fields to deter coyotes may seem a little gross to some, but it is just what we do. Our date night consists of a stroll around the farm after everyone is fed and tucked in for the night to make sure no one is stuck in a fence, or lost in the pasture. We check to see if the animals and the crops have plenty of water. We make sure the gates are all locked, as animals are natural born escape artists....... we end the evening with a bowl of home made ice cream. Our lives are simple but so complete. As we find it necessary to venture to the city once in a while or go "out in the world" as we call it, we are so grateful to come home to the special peace and quiet that exhists on a busy, working farm. We are happy to share our little piece of heaven with you, and welcome you to our world. We know that we have been given stewardship of this land and the animals to nurture and cultivate, and we will do our best. Hopefully we will be able to sustain our selves and our animals and give back to those who have supported us in our efforts. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!

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  1. Hi Mom, I added your Blog and The R&C website to my facebook page. You did a great job! I am so excited to share your news and fun adventures with everyone.