Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We are gearing up for round 2 in the strawberry picking marathon! Last week was a whopping success, we have realized that next year we will need to plant more berries. We have reservations into the month of May for visitors coming to pick. This week is almost booked ! We do have a few spots left, but we are trying to match the requests with the amount of berries that we have ripened. We were anticipating pickers getting a few pounds, but picking them is almost like an addiction, "oh, just one more, oh just this one, oh, I had better pick that one, it is so big and juicy looking!" When they come to the market to weigh their berries, they have lots and lots of berries. The GUIDLINES FOR PICKERS are simple : Picking days and hours Monday and Wednesday from Noon until pickout, Saturday from 10:00 until pickout. If there are sufficient berries, special appointments can be made at other times. * Dress for picking, closed shoes, jackets, hats, etc. *Baskets available for picking, containers for take home.*What strawberries you pick, you keep, they will not ripen after picking, so pick the red ones. *Samples will be provided that are washed. Unless you crave poop and pepper tea, ivory soap and sand, don't eat the berries in the field until washed. * Berries are picked by the whole stem, gently pulling with the thumb and fingers. * Children are welcome if they behave well. * All under age 12 will require an adult for each. Constant supervision of young children is a must, as we do not want any harm to come to anyone here at the farm. This is a working farm and we have animals, bees, farm equipment, etc. We want your visit to be fun but safe. * Strawberries are $2.50 lb u-pick and $3.75 picked. If there are any questions, just e-mail or call and we will respond as soon as possible, from our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!

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