Wednesday, April 14, 2010

STRAWBERRY UPDATE!!!! The berries are looking good, and we are still hoping to start picking on Saturday April 24. We are suggesting guidlines for pickers to make strawberry picking at our farm a pleasant and memorable experience. We will not have picking police to see if you are following them or not , but we trust everyone will respect our farm and all of our hard work in growing what we do for you to enjoy. * Dress for picking, closed shoes, hats if it is sunny, jackets if it is cool. * Baskets are available for picking, and containers for take home, no extra charge. *What you pick, you keep, strawberries will not ripen more after picked. *Samples will be provided for you to taste, that are washed. Unless you crave poop and pepper tea, ivory soap, and sand, don't eat the unwashed berries in the field. *Berries are picked by the whole stem, gently pulling with thumb and fingers. *Children are welcome if they behave well. All under age 12 will require an adult each. *Parking will be designated, picking baskets given at the farmstead market. There is a small walk to the berry fields, so plan on a little excercise. We do have a golf cart for those who need a ride. We will have juice and bottled water for purchase at the market. The berries are $2.50 lb. or $3.75 lb. prepicked. Any other instructions will be given at the time of picking. As this is our first year with stawberry u_pick we are not sure what to expect, but we will try to make it a wonderful experience for all. We will continue to update the berry progress! From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!

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