Saturday, April 17, 2010

A watched pot does'nt boil and watched strawberries don't ripen! I find myself consumed by the progress of the strawberries checking several times a day to see if anything red pops up anywhere. The plants have berries and blooms and are growing nicely. Many of the berries are "biggens" as my grandchildren would say. Studies say that one strawberry plant will produce about a pound of strawberries. We planted about 8,000 plants. Oh, My....... thats a lot of strawberry shortcake. We are still hoping for this coming Saturday, April 24 to open for the U-Pick. We will know by Wed. if there are going to be plenty of ripe berries, if not, we will open the following Friday, April 30. As we will allow so many persons in the berry patch to pick at one time, we will take reservations for a picking spot ahead of time. Call or e-mail your name, number of persons, and phone number. Our address with a map link is on our website. our phone # is 903-429-2319. Parking will be designated. Picking baskets and further instructions will be given at the market building. Check previous Strawberry updates for guidlines for picking . We will continue to post updates on the blog. We were able to get all of the crops in this week before the rain, except for the melons, and sweet potatoes and those will go in in a couple of weeks. Rocky gets a little carried away with the planters. His concept is if a little is good, a LOT is so much better. What we are going to do with 10 rows of okra 8 rows of beans, and 600 tomato plants , I'll never know. My canner and dehydrator will be going day and night! We look forward to seeing everyone as harvest season begins. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!

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