Saturday, August 14, 2010

About the only things thriving in this heat are the swarms of grasshoppers that have settled in to eat what green crops that are trying to survive the glaring sun and the blasting heat. Not even the chickens are motivated to eat the hordes, as they themselves do not stray too far from the water tubs and mud puddles we make for them. The weather man forcasts some cooler temperatures the first of next week, so maybe we will get some relief! The summer harvest is nearing an end and we are still anxiously awaiting cooler weather, so we can plant the fall crops. The sweet potatoes are flourishing, and provide a canope for the cantaloupe plants that are still producing. Rocky is mowing the watermelon patch to start preparing the soil for next year. It was a steller watermelon season for us. The dairy is holding it's own as far as production. The goats don't stray too far from the water tubs, so they keep hydrated, and the milk supply remains steady. The heat wreaks havoc on the hens, as some of them are old and frail. I don't have the heart to send them to the guillotine, so they just kind of keel over dead when their time is up. Of the 60 plus hens we have, probably only 1/2 of them are able to lay eggs. Oh, well, I just hope that when I am old and wrinkly, have lost most of my "plumage", and just want to laze around and eat and sleep, I am not sent to the chopping block....what goes around comes around, and in my book that goes for critters also. The canning of summers bounty is going well, I try to do at least one batch of something each day. As of Sept. the market hours are going to change a little bit for the fall and winter. We will still be open Thurs, Friday and Sat. , but the hours will be noon until 4:00 pm each day. As the days are getting shorter, we will be starting a little later in the mornings, thus a little later for the chores to be completed. Baby Praline is doing well, her momma has just about licked all of the hide off of her, bathing her about 10 times a day, I am sure that is to help her keep cool also. Godiva waits patiently each evening for her watermelon treat. She loves watermelon, so we have found a gracious recipient of all of the over ripe melons. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!

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