Monday, August 16, 2010

I cannot begin to imagine what the early homesteaders did to beat the heat! My guess is that they were not used to air conditioning, so they were able to tolerate the soaring temperatures. We had to put baby Praline under a mister and some fans last night, as she got so hot that she could not even lift her head to nurse. She is doing much better this morning. Even the bees and the dog are taking respective turns at the water tubs. Tip has learned that you approach the water with caution, as the edges of the tubs are covered with honeybees taking a sip! We can look back on these days come January, when we are scraping the ice from the windshields! As the farming is tapering off, and we are preparing for fall planting, winter projects are in the works. Rocky is finally going to get the tin put on the front of the market, I am getting a new sink installed so that we can prepare for the ice cream machine next Spring( in time for berry season). We have had new visitors to the market each weekend, and we are so grateful for all who come to see what we have to offer. I am reminded of a particular visitor that came from the "city". She was very attractive, had perfectly coifed hair, her summer dress was stylish and sassy, she even had little jewels on her painted toes. I reminisced about the days gone by when I had time for a pedicure, a haircut, a trip to the mall, and a soak in a bubbly bath. Now I am doing well to take a quick shower, shave my legs now and then, hide my washed, wet hair under a cap, throw on something that I know will soon have mud, manure, or milk all over it, hide my feet in socks and tennis shoes, and hit the ground running. She was fascinated with what she saw here in the market, which is really nothing to write home about, it is just what we do every day, She wanted to know all about the farm ,and details about producing healthy nutritious foods, what should she do for her little family to get them started on a healthier lifestyle. After spending quite some time answering her questions and explaining what we did here on the farm, she made the comment, " I wish that I had your life!" That made me smile. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!

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