Thursday, December 15, 2011


If I had had to depend on the Butterfield Overland Stage for my Christmas card and package deliveries, I would have had to have them ready by the 4th of July. Noting my consistant procrastination in preparation for Christmas and its festivities, all of my recipients would be greatly dissappointed, especially if they were expecting greetings and presents at Christmas time! I am just now thinking about preparing to prepare for Christmas and it's celebrations. I am not a big one for lots of decorations, shopping frenzies, gala parties, but I do like the idea for using Christmas as an excuse to bring a scattered to the ends of the Earth family together to get reunited, reacquainted, catch up on family news, compare a years worth of wrinkles and weight gain. Not to forget the reason that Christmas is celebrated, as we rejoice in the birth of Jesus the Christ and the beginning of his life on the Earth. We are looking forward to a wonderful new year. The Farmer has lots of plans in the works.( Did I mention greenhouse? asparagus? grapes? figs?...... we are going to hold off on the rice paddies.) The market will be open this weekend Fri. and Sat. from noon until 4:00 pm. We will open next Fri., Dec. 23,  from noon until 4:00pm. We will be closed through the holiday season and will reopen around the 20th of January. Exact date will be posted. By the time we reopen, all of the fruit in the freezer should be in jars on the shelves of the market. Hopefully and new display cooler will be ready for the new year. I have been hinting for a new set of shelves to be built, but am not going to hold my breath.   The goat milk is nearing its last drop for the season.  The cow milk will still be available, call ahead for a pickup time. The meat availability will be a little sparse, as we just processed our last until early spring. Applications for the 2012 CSA season will be taken in January, more information will be posted . From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!!

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