Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Nothing like fresh ripe tomatoes...... in front of the Christmas tree. Since we had to pick all of the fall tomatoes, green as new grass, due to an early frost, these red tomatoes have been welcome during the chilly winter days, fresh salsa, creamy tomato soup, chili, grandma's goulash, and big fat BLT's. Now that I have you smackin' your lips, I am going to give a hint about one of our new projects next year. Tomato greenhouse, climate control, year round! The market is closed until January 20. Cow milk can be purchased by calling for a pick up time throughout the week. The mama goats are all out to pasture, awaiting the next few weeks before kidding season starts, concentrating on eating and sleeping, restoring their bodies and renewing their energy for the new milking season. We have a new heifer calf, born Christmas Eve. Her name of course is Noel. The new high tunnel greenhouse should be here in a couple of weeks. Santa Claus visited  the farm, he sure knows what us farm girls like! Pictures of his generous gifts will follow. From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support !!

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