Thursday, December 22, 2011


They held on as long as they could, proudly marching up the ramp to the milking stations, with their heads held high, until they dove into the treat buckets, chin deep, all the while knowing that the few little squirts of milk they gave, were more valuable than the market price of gold. I finally conceded to the fact that a pregnant goat is more concerned with nourishing her unborn kid, than satisfying the demand of goat milk enthusiasts, waiting in line for her meager offerings. For those that have been through the cycle with us for the last few years, here we go again, it is feast or famine in the goat milk business. With deep regret, I recall pouring a gallon or two here and there, to the chickens, the pigs, using it to spray for bugs, ( I read that somewhere) squandering it, thinking there was more than enough to take care of everyones needs. So now I am rationing it out, telling myself, next year it will be different. We will try a different breeding schedule, we will hold some of the girls until late Spring, so we will have winter milk. Knowing full  well that ain't a gonna happen! When the courting season starts in October, and that Buck is on the prowl, and all of the girls have the "twitch" better get the job done as timely as possible, because after making the rounds to about 40 does over a period of two months or so, he is done for the year, and do not bother to entice him for another go around in the Spring, as he is not interested! Period! Looking on the bright side, milking time will be quite a bit shorter, as we will just be milking the cows. We are closing the market for Christmas and New Years, and will reopen around Jan. 20th. Cow milk will be available, throughout this time, just call ahead and make an appointment to come to the farm.  From our farmstead to your table, thank you for all of your support!!

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